We now specialise in the Partial/Full Refurbishment or Modification of Vintage,Classic and Modern Defenders from 1948 up to 2016. No job is too small or too large ! Whether you would like an old family treasured Series model revitalised, but kept to original specification and colour, or you would prefer your Defender given a makeover !

We also sell revamped Defenders. The iconic Defender is no longer being built new but we can source a good but tired looking Defender and can resurrect it into a ‘as good as new’ model. Below are a few of our recent and current Projects . .

*PROJECT : 110F 

A 1988 Defender 110TD Station Wagon which came to us very tired and therefore was treated to a full makeover including complete stripdown and repaint with new doors ,glass,carpets,head linings,wheels,tyres etc.,full service and overhaul of brakes,new clutch and much more. The result was an almost “as new” 28 year old iconic Defender and a very pleased owner !

F550HKN (2) DSCF3432 DSCF3402DSCF3427 DSCF3428F550HKN (4) FINISHED F550HKN (5) FINISHED F550HKN (1)